The District Employment Exchange, Mayurbhanj, Baripada is functioning at Ward No.- 02, Walliganj, Baripada Town in its own Departmental building. There are three Employment Sub-Offices in three Sub-Division Headquarters at Karanjia, Rairangpur, and Udala. One Rural Employment Bureau is functioning at Bangriposi in a rented building.


The Employment Service is a free service and no fee is charged to the candidates on the services rendered.

The function of Employment Exchange in brief is stated below :

  • The Employment Exchange register the name of the unemployed job seekers for employment assistance in various sectors & guides them for different employment avenues, Vocational & Technical training facilities & Self Employment opportunities inside the Employment premises.
  • It collects quarterly Employment reports relating to local Employment Market indicating the persons employed, vacancies notified & filled & vacancies unfilled due to shortage of occupation. Besides, it collects half yearly report as on September of the year at an interval of two years indicating the occupational & educational profile of the employees working, forecast of vacancies in such Establishments in both Public & Private sectors. These reports are furnished to the Central/State Govt. for Human Resource Development.
  • It sponsors candidates to the employers against the vacancies notified by them & collects the result of selection from the concerned employers.

Address of Head of the Office:
District Employment Officer
District Employment Exchange, Mayurbhanj
At- Walliganj, Ward No.- 02, Baripada,