The economy of Mayurbhanj District is mostly dependent on agriculture. The agro climatic zone and the favorable soil type induce the proper growth of agriculture in the District of Mayurbhanj. Paddy is the major cultivated crop, followed by pulses and oilseeds. While there has been decrease in the coverage of Khariff paddy in high lands, the area under pulses, oilseeds and other cereals has been showing an increasing trend due to diversification of cropping pattern in such land. Moreover the land utilisation pattern is quite accommodating for the genesis in the field of agriculture.

Quite a good number of small scale industries including Mineral grinding, Stone Crushing, China–Clay Washing, Ceramic industries, Fertilizer, Safety Matches, Paper Mill, Paints and Chemicals, Washing, Soap, Electrical Items, High–Voltage, cable manufacturing, Aluminum Utensils, Cold Storage, Mechanised Hatchery, General Fabrication, Sheet–Metals, Poly–leaf Cups and plates making, cement products, Sabai products, rice–Huller, flour mill and allied repairing and servicing etc. serve the industrial economy of Mayurbhanj District.