Forest Cover of Mayurbhanj

Mayurbhanj is a land of lush green forests. Its vegetation occurrence can be broadly classified as follows. 

  • North tropical moist deciduous sal forests.

  • Northern tropical semi-evergreen forests.

  • Mixed deciduous hill forests.

  • High level sal.

  • Dry deciduous sal forests.

  • Plain sal forests.

  • Grass land and savannah.

The similipal forest of the district comprising a single compact area, represents virgin semi-ever green form. The growth of the forest is thick and impenetrable and is dominated by gigantic growth of large number of tree species chief being sal. Other species such as piasal, asan, neem, kusum, mahul, dhow and sisu are found all over the area too. The under growth is thick in similipal Reserve forest but thin towards the peripheri.

Statistical Figure of  Forest cover

Reserve Forest: 894.38 Sq.km 
D.P.F.(U/S): 23.15 Sq.km 
U.D.P.F: 723.83 Sq.km 
Un-classed Forest: 0.53 Sq.km 
Total: 1641.89 Sq.km 

The following nos.of V.S.S and V.F.P.C.s have been formed by the villagers of nearby forests for 
protection of forests and they have been imparted training and inspiration on the above facts. Sawing machines, press machines (for preparation of sal leaves tray, plates etc.) have been provided to the people of adjacent villages in order to keep away from forest theft. Mobile staff have been deployed with arms and ammunitions to patrol in and out side of forests. 
V.S.S     151 nos     17,602.27 Hectare area protected 
V.F.P.C  132 nos      17,304.63 Hectare area protected.